Honor Roll
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Honor Roll

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    Published for each Fall term in early February and for each Spring term in late June.


  • Honor Roll with High Distinction - Top 5% of your school of record
  • Honor Roll with Distinction - Top 10% of your school of record
  • Honor Roll - Top 15% of your school of record


  • Appointment determined by percentile rank based on cumulative SMU GPA
  • Must be degree seeking students; non-degree students are not eligible.
  • Completion of at least 12 hours of courses with grades A through D- for the term (Engineering co-op students are eligible based on successfully completing the co-op program for the term.) (Courses that are excluded from the undergraduate program (i.e. 4+1 students) are included in determining honor roll eligibility.)
  • No incomplete grades, in any prior coursework, at time selection process is run
  • For students with majors in separate schools a percentile rank is determined separately for each school with the highest percentile rank applying.
  • The Honor Roll is issued at the end of the Fall and Spring regular terms. The scholastic data for the Honor Roll is determined 3 weeks after the last day of final examinations for the term. Scholastic changes received after this cut-off are not included in the determination of the Honor Roll for the term. Scholastic data is based on enrollments through the end of the Honor Roll regular term and does not include any scholastic data for short terms that immediately follow the regular term.