Western Manuscripts at Bridwell Library to 1650
Bridwell MS 16 [Book of Hours]
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Title: [Book of Hours]. Use of Rome.
Origin: [Flanders: c. 1525].
Description: Illuminated manuscript on parchment. 210 leaves. 22 x 15 cm. Double columns of 62 lines. Textblock: 10.5 x 9.3 cm.
Images include:
  Text Image
 f. 2r  Hours of the Virgin, Matins  Annunciation
 f. 20r  Prime  Nativity
 f. 23r  Terce  Annunciation to the Shepherds
 f. 26r  Sext  Circumcision
 f. 28v  None  St. Anne with the Virgin and Child
 f. 33r  Vespers  Christ among the Doctors
 f. 37r  Magnificat  Visitation
 f. 39r  Compline  Virgin of the Assumption
 f. 41v  "Nunc dimitis"  Presentation in the Temple
 f. 56v  Missa b.v. Maria  Virgin and Child Enthroned with Angels
 f. 64v  Hours of the Cross, Matins  Agony in the Garden
 f. 65v  Prime  Christ before Annas
 f. 67r  Terce  Mocking of Christ
 f. 68v  Sext  Christ Carrying the Cross
 f. 70r  None  Crucifixion
 f. 71v  Vespers  Lamentation/Pieta
 f. 73r  Compline  Entombment
 f. 75v  Sorrows of Christ  "Ecce Homo"
 f. 80v  Stabat Mater  Mary beneath Cross
 f. 84r  Obsecro te  Virgin and Child on Crescent Moon
 f. 88v  O sidus fulgentis  St. Francisco di Paolo
 f. 89v  Oratio Anna  St. Francis of Assisi
 f. 90v  O Beate precursor  St. John the Baptist
 f. 91v  O Beate Petre  Apostle St. Peter
 f. 92r  O Beate Paule apostle doctor gentium  St. Paul
 f. 93v  De precor te beatis andrea  St. Andrew
 f. 94v  Sancte Jocobe apostole  St. James the Greater
 f. 95v  Sancte Johnnes evangelista  St. John the Evangelist
 f. 96v  Sancte phillippe apostole  St. Philip
 f. 97r  Sancte Jacobe alphee  St. James the Lesser
 f. 98r  Sancte Thomam  St. Thomas
 f. 99r  Sancte Bartholomee per gratiam  St. Bartholomew
 f. 100r  Sancte Mathee apostole  St. Matthew
 f. 100v  Sancte Symon zelotes  St. Simon
 f. 101r  Sancte Juda apostole  St. Jude
 f. 102r  Sancte mathia qui domino disponem  St. Mathias
 f. 103r  Beatus vir qui in ventus est sine macula  St. Roche
 f. 106r  O quam mira te  St. Sebastian
 f. 105r  Qua si stellama  St. Jerome
 f. 106v  Purification of the Virgin  St. Anne
 f. 107v  Gaude virgo catherina  St. Catherine
 f. 108v  In diebus illis mulier  St. Mary Magdalen
 f. 109r  O preclare vos puelle  St. Ursula and virgin martyrs
 f. 112r  Hieronymine hymns  St. Jerome in Penitence
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