Western Manuscripts at Bridwell Library to 1650
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MS 1 :  Biblia latina. [England or Northern France: c.1250]
c.1150:  [Greek Lectionary]. [Byzantium]. MS 12

MS 2 : Missal. [Italy: 14th century]
1174:   [Bulla]. [Italy]. MS 3

MS 3 : Epistola and Privilegium. [Italy: 1174]
c.1225:  [Biblia latina]. [Northern France?]. MS 35

MS 4 : Ugolino Verino. Vita di Santa Chiara vergine. Italy: 1496
c.1250:  [Biblia latina]. [England or Northern France]. MS 1

MS 5 : Pseudo-Augustine and Pseudo Eusebius. [Zadar, Croatia:] 1469
c.1250:  [Biblia latina]. [Paris, France]. MS 6

MS 6 : Biblia latina. [Paris, France: c.1250]
c.1330:  [Book of Hours. Use of Sarum]. [France]. MS 13

MS 7 : [Wycliffite New Testament]. [England: c.1400]
c.1350:  Missal. [Italy]. MS 2

MS 8 : [Missal. Use of Sarum.]. [England: c. 1418]
c.1380:  [Missal. Dominican Use]. [Bohemia]. MS 17

MS 9 : [Book of Hours. Use of Sarum]. [Flanders: c.1420]
c.1400:  [Wycliffite New Testament]. [England]. MS 7
MS 10 : Gradual. [Spain: c. 1550]
c.1400:  [Prayerbook.]. [France]. MS 18

MS 11 : Antiphonary. [Spain: c. 1650]
c.1400:  [Breviary]. Benedictine Use. [Northern Italy]. MS 21

MS 12 : [Greek Lectionary]. [Byzantium: c.1150]
c.1418:  [Missal. Use of Sarum]. [England]. MS 8

MS 13 : [Book of Hours. Use of Sarum]. [France: c.1330]
c.1420:  [Book of Hours. Use of Sarum]. [Flanders]. MS 9

MS 14 : [Book of Hours. Use of Rome]. [ Italy: c.1470]
c.1431:  [Breviary]. Use of Rome. [Northern Italy]. MS 19

MS 15 : [Book of Hours. Use of Troyes?]. [France: c.1480]
c. 1460:  Petrus von Rosenheim, Roseum memoriale. [Flanders]. MS 94

MS 16 : [Book of Hours. Use of Rome]. [France: c.1525]
1466:  Bernardus de Gordonio. [Lilium medicinae].  Spain. MS 22

MS 17 : [Missal. Dominican Use]. [Bohemia: c.1380]
1469:  Pseudo-Augustine and Pseudo-Eusebius.  [Italy]. MS 5

MS 18 : [Prayerbook.]. [France: c.1400]
c.1470: [Book of Hours. Use of Rome]. [Italy]. MS 14

MS 19 : [Breviary]. Use of Rome. [Padolirone, Italy, c. 1431]
c.1475:  [Nun's Prayerbook]. [Germany]. MS 91

MS 20 : [Canticum canticorum. Dutch]. [Netherlands: c. 1480]
c. 1480: [Canticum canticorum. Dutch]. [Netherlands]. MS 20

MS 21 : [Breviary]. Benedictine Use. [Northern Italy: c. 1400]
c. 1480: [Book of Hours. Use of Troyes?]. [France]. MS 15

MS 22: Bernardus de Gordonio. [Lilium medicinae]. Spain: 1466
1496:  Ugolino Verino. Vita di Santa Chiara vergine. Italy. MS 4

MS 23: [Psalms and English Catholic Tracts]. [England: c. 1650]
1498:  [Apologia Marsillii Ficini]. [Italy] MS 34

MS 32: [Devotions to Saint Anne]. [Netherlands: c. 1500]
c.1500:  [Devotions to Saint Anne]. [Netherlands]. MS 32

MS 34: [Apologia Marsillii Ficini]. [Italy:] 1498]
1510:  [Convenience]. Spain. MS 45

MS 35: [Biblia latina]. [Northern France?: c.1225]
c.1525:  [Book of Hours. Use of Rome]. [Flanders]. MS 16

MS 45: [Convenience]. Spain: 1510
c. 1550: Gradual. [Spain]. MS 10

MS 46: [Carta executoria]. Spain: 1567
1552:  [Carta executoria]. Spain. MS 47

MS 47: [Carta executoria]. Spain: 1552
1567:  [Carta executoria]. Spain. MS 46

MS 57: [Chronicle of England]. [England: 17th Century]
1622:  [Antiphonary]. [France]. MS 58

MS 58: [Antiphonary]. [France: 1622]
c.1650:  [Psalms and English Catholic Tracts]. [England]. MS 23

MS 91: [Nun's Prayerbook]. [Germany: c.1475]
c.1650:   [Antiphonary]. [Spain]. MS 11

MS 94: Petrus von Rosenheim. Roseum memoriale. [Flanders: c. 1460].
c.1650:  [Chronicle of England]. [England]. MS 57
Fragments: Links by Call Number or Date
Call Number Order Chronological Order
MS 36: Augustine of Hippo. [In Evangelium Iohannis tractatus]. Fragment. [Italy, c. 1150]   c. 1100: [Missal. Use of Rome]. [Italy]. MS 40. Fragment

MS 38: [Homiliary]. [Italy: c.1150] Fragment
c. 1150: [Homiliary]. [Italy] MS 38. Fragment

MS 39: [Antiphonary]. [Italy: c.1450] Fragment
c. 1150. Augustine of Hippo. [In Evangelium Iohannis tractatus]. Fragment. MS 36

MS 40: [Missal. Use of Rome]. [Italy: c.1100]. Fragment
c. 1250 [Biblia latina]. [Italy]. MS 69. Fragment.

MS 64 [Biblia latina]. [Parisian, from St. Albans Abbey: c.1325]. Fragment.
c. 1275 [Missal?]. [Italy]. MS 71. Fragment.

MS 65 [Homiliary]. [Italy?: c.1350]. Fragment.
c.1275 [Biblia latina]. [France or England]. MS 78. Fragment.

MS 67 [Antiphonary]. [Italy: c. 1450]. Fragment.
c. 1325 [Biblia latina]. [Parisian, from St. Albans Abbey]. MS 64. Fragment.

MS 69 [Biblia latina]. [Italy: 13th cent.]. Fragment.
c. 1350 [Homiliary]. [Italy?]. MS 65. Fragment.

MS 70 [Unknown]. [Netherlands: 15th cent.]. Fragment.
c. 1450 [Unknown]. [Netherlands]. MS 70. Fragment.

MS 71 [Missal?]. [Italy: c. 1275]. Fragment.
c.1450:  [Antiphonary[. [Italy]. MS 39. Fragment

MS 72: [Register]. [France: 17th century]
c. 1450 [Antiphonary]. [Italy]. MS 67 Fragment.

MS 78 [Biblia latina]. [France or England: c.1275]. Fragment.
c.1650:    [Register]. [France]. MS 72
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