Honorary Degrees
1918 - Present

William Littell Everitt 
Doctor of Engineering  1972
Status: conferred

Distinguished engineer, international authority on communications and electronics, Dean Emeritus of the University of Illinois College of Engineering, his teaching and particularly his text book Communications Engineering have profoundly influenced several generations of electrical engineers and the technical achievements of this century. His concern for the growth and development of both student and professor as central to the life of a university has earned him the continual affection and respect of students and of faculties. Concern for the humane solution has been characteristic of his judgments: whether in an early handbook he wrote for undergraduates or in the government by consensus which guided his school of engineering; whether in service on a YMCA board of in expansion of the humanities content of engineering curricula. In recognition of his farsighted leadership as an engineer in the best sense: one who builds, but who builds by encouraging the best in men, Southern Methodist University is pleased to confer upon him the degree of Doctor of Engineering, honoris causa.