Honorary Degrees
1918 - Present

William P. Clements, Jr.
Doctor of Humane Letters  1974
Status: conferred

Internationally known oil-industrialist, tireless advocate of the Boy Scouts of America and devoted friend of Southern Methodist University. His sense of the importance of the past is evident in his scholarly concern for essential quality in library collections, including his own and those at Southern Methodist University; in his meticulous restoration of historic Cumberland School; and in his perceptive valuation of the Southwest that has made possible SMU at Fort Burgwin. His insight into the urgent needs of the present is conspicuous in his current service to our country, and also in his support of a breadth of programs within the University in the Humanities and Sciences, in the School of Business Administration, and in the Institute of Technology. His compelling vision of the future is clear to us in his focus of time and energies upon the education of youth. For his commitment to education, including selfless devotion of time, uncommon generosity with resources, and unique dedication to the promotion and development of superior programs and facilities, and for his sense of the value of history as it provides perspective on the present, we are pleased to honor him today.