Honorary Degrees
1918 - Present

Juan  Carlos I of Spain

Doctor of Arts  2001
Status: conferred

Majesty King Juan Carlos I of Spain, "Head of the State and Symbol of its Unity," is widely recognized by world leaders as the gifted designer of one of the most remarkable political transitions in the history of Europe, and as the architect of a vibrant democracy and civil society. King Juan Carlos has accomplished that task, which many thought impossible, not with political power, but with an inspiring vision of the future of Spain and with a deep and selfless love for its entire people. Like the painters of the Golden Century of Spain playing with a rainbow of colors, His Majesty has toiled with the silent dedication of an artist to create, and then present to the world, the image and reality of a new Spain, which recognizes the rich, cultural diversity of its people, while preserving the essential and historical unity of the nation symbolized by its King. As patron of writers, intellectuals, and artists, His Majesty has nurtured the growth of His nation towards the mind and spirit. In these early years of a new millennium, King Juan Carlos has emerged in the eyes of the world as "a new kind of king, a king with dignity but without haughtiness, a king with style but without arrogance," a democratic king, a king of the people and for the people. In recognition of these achievements, Southern Methodist University is honored to confer upon His Majesty King Juan Carlos I of Spain the degree of Doctor of Arts, honoris causa.