Honorary Degrees
1918 - Present

George Washington Truett 
Doctor of Laws  1935
Status: conferred

Dr. George W. Truett was revered for his eloquent speech and effective style of teaching. Truett received his bachelor degree from Baylor University. That same year, he was called to the pastorate of the First Baptist Church in Dallas. During his tenure at First Baptist Church, membership grew from 715 to 7,804. This astounding growth demanded for the church's expansion; thus, Truett rebuilt the church three times to accommodate his burgeoning membership. President Woodrow Wilson acknowledged Dr. George W. Truett's accomplishments as a religious figure by appointing him to be one of twenty men to preach to soldiers in Europe during World War I. Through his belief that money and power were to be used only to benefit others, Truett proved that he truly searched to help humans uncover their true destinies. His keen communication skills not only brought him the reputation as one of the greatest preachers in the evangelical tradition, it also led to his being named head of the Baptist World Alliance. He was considered one of the most popular and influential preachers in America and throughout the world. In recognition of his diligent devotion to faith, SMU was honored to confer upon Dr. George W. Truett the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.

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