Honorary Degrees
1918 - Present

Floyd Elliott Bloom 
Doctor of Science  1983
Status: conferred

Following a brilliant career as Chief of the Neuropharmacology Laboratory, National Institutes of Health, Floyd Elliott Bloom became Director of the Arthur Vining Davis Center for Behavioral Neurobiology at Salk Institute. A leading scholar in the field of neuroscience, who had done extensive research into the neurobiology of psychiatric disorders and the role of classical neurotransmitters and polypeptides in neuronal function, he has pioneered techniques in which specific nerve pathways in the brain can be identified and mapped. These techniques are now being applied to studies on the effects of alcohol on the brain with the hope that they will lead to a greater understanding of the nature of alcoholism and provide clues as to how it might be reversed. With nearly 300 scientific publications, three books, and an international reputation in neuroscience, he was elected to the National Academy of Science in 1977. Over the years he has been a member of numerous public commissions, most notable of which are the President's Commission on Mental Health, the National Advisory Mental Health Council, and the National Commission on Alcoholism. For these reasons, Southern Methodist University is proud to confer upon Floyd Elliott Bloom the degree Doctor of Science, honoris causa.