Honorary Degrees
1918 - Present

Curtis Washington Meadows , Jr.
Doctor of Arts  1998
Status: conferred

Curtis W. Meadows Jr. civic leader, philanthropist, and attorney, has embodied the highest ideals of intelligent sponsorship throughout his lifetime. From 1978 to 1996, he served as president and director of the Meadows Foundation. In this position, he guided the Foundation's agenda as an organization dedicated to the support of education, social services, health care, civic and religious programs, and especially the arts. During his 18 years as director, the Meadows Foundation dramatically increased its assets while awarding more than $270 million in gifts and grants. As founder of the Meadows Foundation's Center for Nonprofit Management, he has nurtured nascent philanthropic groups through their critical organizational stages. Curtis Meadows is nationally recognized as a thoughtful, creative, and dynamic civic leader, as well as a theorist of contemporary philanthropy. For his inspired service to the Dallas community and the State of Texas, the University is pleased to confer upon Curtis W. Meadows, Jr., the degree of Doctor of Arts, honoris causa.