Page 26 - 2021 OIT Progress Report
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Christina Churchill
📖 “An Examination of Business Professors’ Experiences with Remote Teaching under COVID-19: Lessons Learned for the Future” December 2020
Jennifer Culver
How Do I Know What They Know?” Flexible Learning Conference, Philippines“ ݓ
Keynote Speaker, “Engaged Learning And Resource Sharing : Our Shared Path ݓ
To New Normal,” Global Forum on Education, October 2021
Tommy Doan
)2020 Community Voices: Moving IAM Forward (October ݓ
2021 iAM Online CSP June ݓ 77ec-48d6-baa2-ad42016c49f8&start=15.100257
)2021 Internet2 BaseCAMP Session: Putting it All Together (June ݓ
Richard England
2021 SMU Campus Clowder,” Clowder All Paws, June“ ݓ
George Finney
2021 Keynote Speaker, FutureCon Dallas CyberSecurity Conference, August ݓ
2021 SolarWinds Hack: Why We Need Zero Trust More Than Ever” SecurityRoundtable, February“ ݓ
2021 Keynote Speaker, “SolarWinds and Zero Trust” Palo Alto Spark, February ݓ
2021 Protecting Yourself Against Pandemic Scams” NBCDFW, March“ ݓ
📖 “Well Aware,” Greenleaf Press, October 2020
📖 “The Last 11 Email Accounts You’ll Ever Need,” CISO Magazine, April 2021
📖 “Up In The Air On Cyber?” Forbes, May 2021
📖 “Top 5 Questions CEOs Should Be Asking About Cybersecurity,” CEOWorld, May 2021
Curt Herridge
2020 From Friction to Function: Holistic IT Transformation for Research.” Educause 2020 Convention, October“ ݓ Michael Hites
,Utilizing Technology to Optimize On-Campus, Home-Based & Hybrid Remote Workforces’ Productivity“ ݓ Collaboration & Engagement,” Insight Council, February 2021
COVID-19 Conversation: Second Wave Preparation Strategies Using New and Improved Risk Management“ ݓ Planning Processes,” SCUP Roundtable, August 2021 strategies-using-new-and-improved-risk-management-planning-processes/
2021 Innovation vs. operations: A critical balancing act IT must master (Interview),”, May“ ݓ

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