Page 10 - 2021 OIT Progress Report
P. 10

A critical requirement of the university accreditation process is to ensure faculty have the requisite credentials to teach their assigned courses. In the past, this has
been a largely manual process that took place during the payroll setup process, and regularly needed expediting
to get an adjunct faculty member assigned to a class. While functional, more could be done to simplify the process. Working with multiple teams across campus, OIT implemented a new eForm that provides a more intuitive and simplified process for adding faculty credentials
to my.SMU. This form is adaptive, which means that it changes based on a submitter’s answers to straightforward questions. Once submitted and approved, the form then applies the data to the instructor’s record in multiple relevant areas. This new standardized process makes it easier for departments to view credential documents and status summaries for entire schools or departments. It also ensures a timelier approval process and automates the entry of new faculty information in various locations within my.SMU.
SMU recently worked with Upstatement, a respected digital product studio, to formulate a new, progressive brand for the University to help engage prospective
and current members of the SMU community through
an updated web site. While these updates are taking place over the next year, the new brand is already featured on the SMU home page. In collaboration with Development and External Affairs (DEA), OIT worked to bring this brand to life for an initial unveiling on the home

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