Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select a creative?

This is fun and easy. Simply browse our Gallery of creatives and artists to learn more about them. On each student's page, you can find sample material--sometimes audio files, video and/or text. If you have a question, simply contact them directly.

If I want to hire an artist or creative, how do I do it?

Contact artists directly through their profile page.

How are artists/creatives paid?

They are paid directly. Many will enable payment through a PayPal link on their profile page.

What about contracts?

All communication about gigs is between those who wish to hire Meadows artists/creatives and the artists/creatives themselves. At minimum, we urge communication through the artist's contact form or through email. Paper contracts can be created, but are the responsibility of either those hiring or the artists/creatives.

What can I hire an artist or artists for?

There are many reasons to hire artists or creatives. In the past, Meadows artists have been hired for weddings, corporate functions, private parties of all kinds, political events, fundraising events and many other occasions.

What about artists other than musicians?

At this time, we are focusing the Meadows Artist Bridge on our musicians. However, in the future, we plan to offer additional creative services from several Meadows departments.

What if I want to compliment an artist?

All communication can be handled directly with the artist--either through their profile page features or through email.