Jordan Cortez Wartell

Music: Composer or Arranger

About this creative

Hello! I am a composer and violinist who has written music for solo instruments up to full orchestral works. I have had the privilege to compose, conduct, and perform three pieces of music for my high school symphonic orchestra at Greenhill School.

Within the first week of learning to play violin in my fifth-grade "Strings" class, I realized that it wasn't enough for me to go along rehearsing Bach and Vivaldi every day. I felt the impulse to create something new! I composed a short classical chamber work for the orchestra that week, and composition has been growing in my life ever since.

I have experimented with baroque, romantic, chromatic, impressionist, and modern styles in my music, always striving to be more complex and intriguing to my listeners. No matter the genre of the piece, I love to bring drama, contrast, and ambition to all of my music!

I grew up in Dallas, Texas, and I am pursuing a Music Composition major at SMU's Meadows School of the Arts. Some of my favorite composers are Mendelssohn, Dvorák, Mahler, Shostakovich, and John Williams.

Please contact me if you have any questions or requests! I would love to compose for you!