IAAP 2.o
Inventory of Approved Academic Programs


List of currently active degrees

Degree Level Degree Acronym Degree Description
ADRGCAlternate Dispute Resolution Graduate Certificate
CHCCECert in Healthcare Collaboration and Conflict Enga
CWSCertificate in Women's and Gender Studies
BachelorBABachelor of Arts
BachelorBBABachelor of Business Administration
BachelorBFABachelor of Fine Arts
BachelorBMBachelor of Music
BachelorBSBachelor of Science
BachelorBSCEBachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
BachelorBSCpEBachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
BachelorBSECEBachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Eng
BachelorBSEEBachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
BachelorBSEnvEBachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering
BachelorBSMEBachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
BachelorMAJBAAdditional Major for Previous Bachelor of Arts
BachelorMAJBBAAdditional Major for Previous BBA
BachelorMAJBFAAdditional Major for Previous BFA
BachelorMAJBMAdditional Major for Previous Bachelor of Music
BachelorMAJBSAdditional Major for Previous Bachelor of Science
CertificateADArtist Diploma
CertificateAGSCertificate of Advanced Graduate Studies
CertificateCAPPECONCertificate in Applied Economics
CertificateCDGDCertificate in Digital Game Development
CertificateGRCEGraduate Certificate
CertificateLTLearning Therapist Graduate Certificate Program
CertificatePDPerformer's Diploma
DoctoralDEDoctor of Engineering
DoctoralDEMEDoctor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
DoctoralDLSDoctor of Liberal Studies
DoctoralDMinDoctor of Ministry
DoctoralDPMDoctor of Pastoral Music
DoctoralEd.D.Doctor of Education
DoctoralPHDDoctor of Philosophy
DoctoralSJDDoctor of the Science of Law
Doctoral ProfJDJuris Doctor
MasterLLMMaster of Laws
MasterMAMaster of Arts
MasterMADRMaster of Arts in Dispute Resolution
MasterMAJMLSAddtl Plan for Previous Master of Liberal Studies
MasterMAMMaster of Arts in Ministry
MasterMBAMaster of Business Administration
MasterMBEMaster of Bilingual Education
MasterMDivMaster of Divinity
MasterMEDMaster of Education
MasterMFAMaster of Fine Arts
MasterMITMaster of Interactive Technology
MasterMLSMaster of Liberal Studies
MasterMMMaster of Music
MasterMMIAMMaster of Management in Intl. Arts Management
MasterMPPMaster of Public Policy
MasterMSMaster of Science
MasterMSAMaster of Science in Accounting
MasterMSAEPAM.S. in Applied Economics&Predictive Analytics
MasterMSBAMaster of Science in Business Analytics
MasterMSCEMaster of Science in Civil Engineering
MasterMSCNSMaster of Science in Counseling
MasterMSCpEMaster of Science in Computer Engineering
MasterMSDEMaster of Science in Data Engineering
MasterMSDSMaster of Science in Data Science
MasterMSEEMaster of Science in Electrical Engineering
MasterMSEMMaster of Science in Engineering Management
MasterMSENMaster of Science in Engineering Entrepreneurship
MasterMSEnvEMaster of Science in Environmental Engineering
MasterMSFMaster of Science in Finance
MasterMSHPMMaster of Science in Health Promotion Management
MasterMSIEMMaster of Science in Information Engineering Mgmt
MasterMSMMaster of Sacred Music
MasterMSMEMaster of Science in Mechanical Engineering
MasterMSMGTMaster of Science in Management
MasterMSREMaster of Science in Real Estate
MasterMSSMMaster of Science in Sport Management
MasterMTSMaster of Theological Studies
MasterTHMMaster of Theology
Post MastersEdSEducation Specialist
Post MastersMAJMBAAdditional Plan for Previous MBA