Retired Faculty
2009 - Present

Richard F. Gunst 
Dedman College  2017

Richard F. Gunst, professor of statistical science in Dedman College, joined the SMU faculty in 1972. He received a B.S. from St. Mary's University, and a Ph.D. from SMU. Well known for his classic books in experimental design and regression, Professor Gunst also has made many contributions in spatial modeling and multiple comparisons methods. At SMU he chaired 24 dissertation committees, and he and his students have contributed to the areas of statistical design and analysis of industrial experiments and functional MRI signal processing. A Fellow of the American Statistical Association, his professional awards from the ASA include the Don Owen Research Award, and the Founder's Award; as well as the Frank Wilcoxon Award for Best Practical Application Paper and the W.J. Youden Award for Best Expository Paper - each published in the ASA journal Technometrics. From SMU, Professor Gunst received the Distinguished Author's Award and the Sigma Xi Research Award. He is a Senior Fellow for SMU's Institute for the Study of Earth and Man. He twice served as Statistical Science department chair. Professor Gunst retires as Professor Emeritus of Statistical Science