Retired Faculty
2009 - Present

Ian  Gladwell 
Dedman College  2010

Ian Gladwell, Professor of Mathematics in Dedman College, earned his B.A. at Hertford College, University of Oxford, and his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees at the University of Manchester in England, where he taught for 20 years. He joined the SMU faculty in 1987. His research focuses on numerical analysis and scientific computation - including ordinary differential equation initial and boundary value problems, mathematical software and parallel computing - with an emphasis on developing tools to assist scientists and engineers with large-scale computing problems. Professor Gladwell has published several books and more than 80 peer-reviewed research journal papers and has developed several pieces of mathematical software, some of which are available in the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) library. He continues to serve as editor-in-chief for the ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, the premier journal in the field, and has served as an associate editor for many other journals. He served as chair of SMU's Department of Mathematics from 1988-1994 and again in 1998 and as director of graduate studies from 2005-2008. As a dedicated mentor to students, he has directed more than 20 Ph.D. theses and served on numerous M.S. and Ph.D. committees. He retires as Professor Emeritus of Mathematics.