Retired Faculty
2009 - Present

Lawrence S. Ruben 
Dedman College  2014

Lawrence S. Ruben, Professor of Biological Sciences in Dedman College, joined the SMU faculty in 1986. He received an A.B. in zoology at the University of California, Berkeley, and earned a Ph.D. in cell biology at the University of Minnesota. He engaged in post-doctoral study at Yale University, where he began work on the causative agent of African sleeping sickness, Trypanosoma brucei. His research focused on the investigation of fundamental biochemical and physiological processes of trypanosomes, in order to develop therapeutic agents against them. Throughout Ruben's career, his research was funded by the National Institutes of Health and other agencies. Ruben served as department chair for six years and was best known by students for his classes in cell biology. In recognition of his service and teaching, he was named an Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor and received the "M" Award, SMU's most prestigious honor, and the United Methodist Church Scholar/Teacher of the Year Award. Ruben retires as Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences.