Retired Faculty
2009 - Present

William  Pulte 
Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development  2014

William Pulte, Associate Professor of Teaching and Learning in the Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development, earned B.A. and M.A. degrees in Spanish at North Texas State University and a Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin. He was staff linguist and project director for the Cherokee Bilingual Education Program in Oklahoma before joining the SMU Anthropology Department in 1973. Pulte served for more than 25 years as director of SMU's Bilingual Education Programs, including a master's degree, teacher certification and teacher-training programs funded by the U.S. Department of Education. He also directed school district and university programs in bilingual education funded by Title VII and Title III federal grants. He was a long-time member of the Guild of Marshals, which officiates at SMU ceremonies. Pulte has done extensive research and writing on the Cherokee language, including continued work on Cherokee Natives, a major publication in Native American linguistics. He retires as Professor Emeritus of Teaching and Learning.