Retired Faculty
2009 - Present

Chun H. Lam 
Cox School of Business  2012

Dr, Chum H. Lam started his academic career at Tulane University after graduating from Duke University. He joined SMU in 1982 and is now retiring after 30 years of service. During his time at SMU, Dr. Lam served SMU and the Cox School in various capacities. He was the Chair of the Finance and Real Estate Department from 1988-1991. He also served on a number of Faculty Senate Committees such as the All University Finance Committee, the Subcommittee on Faculty Benefits, and the Student Policy Committee, as well as numerous committees in the Cox School. Chun has been active in the financial community serving on several Board of Directors.
Chun's research interests has focused on financial markets and institutions. He has published two monographs and numerous articles dealing with subprime financing, trust and preferred stocks, savings institutional management and regulatory issues, and bank and bank-holding company management models.