Retired Faculty
2009 - Present

Michael  van Breda 
Cox School of Business  2012

Michael van Breda, Associate Professor of Accounting in Cox School of Business, joined the SMU faculty in 1981 after earning his Ph.D. degree from Stanford University. He served as chair of the Cox School's Accounting, Business Law and Tax Department from 1986-1991. He also chaired several Faculty Senate committees. He has been honored with the Willis M. Tate Award, the Golden Mustang Outstanding Faculty Award and the University Teacher-Scholar of the Year Award. He is highly respected as an accounting historian and expert on accounting theory and has published many articles and cases. Professor van Breda's signature contribution to academia is the book titled Accounting Theory, co-authored with Eldon Hendrickson, which has helped a generation of accounting academics understand the conceptual underpinnings of financial reporting and has significantly influenced the research, teaching and practice of accounting. He retires as Professor Emeritus of Accounting.