Honorary Degrees
1918 - Present

Alvin Valentine Lane 
Doctor of Laws  1931
Status: conferred

Dr. Alvin Valentine Lane was a well-regarded Dallas banker, civic benefactor, and art collector. By combining his interest in business with his understanding of banking, he co-founded the First National Bank in Dallas and served as its vice-president for many years. Lane was also a prominent member in myriad of banking associations and other civic organizations including the Dallas Chamber of Commerce, the Dallas Public Library, and the Museum of Fine Arts. An interest in the arts manifested in an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian and Babylonian artifacts. In the early twentieth century, he was a member of the Archaeological Institute of America and of the Texas branch of the Egyptian Exploration Society of London. He donated many of his collections to SMU. In recognition of his kaleidoscopic work in finance, civic causes, and the arts, SMU was honored to confer upon Dr. Alvin Valentine Lane the degree of Doctor of laws, honoris causa.

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