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Norwick Center for Digital Solutions

The Norwick Center for Digital Solutions (nCDS) provides a full range of digital services to Central University Libraries. nCDS works with library special collections to digitize materials, develop metadata and create and manage digital collections.

nCDS has available the following tools:

  • CONTENTdm collection asset management system
  • High resolution digital cameras and high-res scanners for capturing large format materials
  • Equipment to capture and digitize audio, video and 16mm film formats.

Learn more our services by contacting nCDS at

Central University Libraries Digital Collections

Central University Libraries (CUL) Digital Collections includes the online digital collections from the five Central University Libraries.

Our ongoing projects include the creation of digital collections relating to Texas, the Southwest, the U.S. West, Mexico, Civil War, World War II, and more. Specialized holdings include Texas art, photography, and currency notes; Civil War and World War II photography; Mexican photography and imprints, and much more.

CUL Digital Collections are part of SMU Digital Collections.

Digitization Guidelines and Framework

Rights Statement

Copyright usage terms vary throughout each digital collection. Each item contains information about usage terms. If SMU does not have the right to publish the item on the Internet, only the item's metadata will be available and the digitized object will be available on a restricted access basis. Such items may only be viewed on campus. When items are available for use, please cite the holding library, Central University Libraries, Southern Methodist University.

Reproduction Information

For more information about reproduction services, please contact the holding library as indicated in the rights field that is provided in each metadata record.